Two types of website construction of top quality courses in Colleges and Universities

with the requirements of the Ministry of education for the quality colleges and universities curriculum further, more and more elements of the Internet into the curriculum system, and gradually formed a huge user demand — the construction of excellent course website. What I have described below is the significance of the construction of a top-quality course that is understood by the identity of a website builder and if you do a good course website.

is a national key university curriculum courses, courses, provincial key university key courses, these courses will be arranged, in order to cater to the needs, the university curriculum system construction and evaluation in recent years, our website construction team each month has received the construction of excellent courses website orders, which is in line with the needs of the most evaluation of a course, this kind of demand is often required to make a very short time, usually within a week, the website style and of course, I called the network course evaluation type. Another type of website is the need for teaching, interaction with students, sharing of curriculum resources and other requirements. I call it a teaching quality course network.

1, evaluation excellent course network

because the evaluation needs, there will be a lot of content to be entered into the database, including pictures, video data, the main progress on the site in the content section, once our team within a week to make eight course website, only add data on the use of nearly five days time (including data collation and collection). The construction site belongs to the category of customer is outsourcing, product manager of a big company, the only difference is the product manager demands although very harsh, but at least he is aware of the entire process of what needs to be done, and customers only know he needs the result (the other is a satisfactory website, but he is not clear) the production process, sometimes customers saying: "no matter what, must the website done in curriculum evaluation before (usually less than a week will contact the site of the incident)," this is a hundred-percent manual work for us, the website frame can be done quickly, then, all the programmers are working overtime as the website editor…… According to experience, once this kind of website has been evaluated, it has fulfilled its mission and become a monument in Baidu’s search results". This kind of website is characterized by its low cost and short time consuming, and it has less effect after the website is finished.

2, teaching excellent course network

due to the needs of teaching, and to provide remote correspondence teaching as a course of a well-known professor with a certain course, will serve as a public class to share and spread in the network, students submit assignments and class questions and so on demand, this kind of website production cycle is generally not evaluated the urgency, but for the website to achieve the function is clear, the main production schedule is often used in the functional module, the content part of the website also have plenty of time to complete the production site entry, it is only the beginning of the mission, the rest is in operation in the process of continuous improvement, the characteristic of this kind of website is the cost of making larger consumption cycle longer, after the completion of the website "

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