New station how to carry out SEO optimization is the most wonderful


algorithm Scindapsus update again, whether it is A5 or seowhy, 18 or 28 are push push revision. Why? Because Baidu algorithm external chain crackdown more and more strong, whether it is the chain source or benefit from the site, once identified as garbage chain, then will be punished. Cause many BBS webmaster in order to more long-term development, all began to follow the future development trend of Baidu algorithm.

New directions for optimizing


to do so for a new site, how should we do to promote the long-term development and the efficiency of our site? Then we will talk about how the SEO industry to the right direction? My personal view is that, for a new forum, we should reasonable use of nofollow the label, because it is more conducive to the reasonable grasp and guide the spider can enhance the user experience.

rational use of nofollow tags to enhance user experience

, as we can see above, a site adds dofollow tags to important pages and doesn’t have much of an added nofollow tag, so you can fully upgrade several useful pages of your web site. Then the new site content in addition to the original high quality content itself added, other new content will add nofollow tags, then the quality of how to give the user to decide, once the article is required by the user, then we recommend the content and remove the nofollow label, let spiders crawl over and grab. Try to make your site to the user’s most desired and ideal state,


site of the previous reasonable weight will be passed to some columns, better than pass to some post, let spiders grab a column, better than grab a post. Perhaps many webmaster will say all the new content to the nofollow, then the new station itself is no active, so go on, not active, more promotion, not up. So what is the benefit of the site optimization? Is this idea is right, because the station itself is not what activity was not so we should pay more attention to the quality of the content, as long as the quality up, the user experience is good. So don’t worry about no active site, now the forum basically became the birthplace of the chain, so a forum to focus on quality, resist junk content and the chain of words, it is really useful for users of the site who does not love? In addition to those issued by the chain will have a little mdetest, but we can do not bother him, as long as do high quality website will naturally have more users. One might argue that this approach to the old site is good, may not be suitable to railway station, in fact, whether new or old station, here I suggest you all from the user experience, or your site will not develop for a long time. Recently, not found a lot of weight is very high, old domain name sites are K or down right things happen frequently, they are because the article content is collected, basically all garbage content. From Baidu >

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