Movie website to do the best way to promote Commission flow

We all know that

movie website traffic to the fast, but now online movie website more flooding, long time to do the film website the weight, keyword ranking has certain stability, how can we just made a new film to improve website traffic quickly! I share the film website promotion external flow.

is the first small promotion, but I’m not the kind of small plus fans, but with small group, we have to do is movie website promotion, of course with meager film group, through the keyword search we "movie" I can see a lot of movies and a few number of small groups, small groups. The next step is in the small group in the promotion of our movie website, not only directly address, that group will be immediately removed, we can recommend a few good movies, then attach a picture with sharp, then our movie website address, so it will not be deleted, I just started to do is through this movie website form a day to more than 200 ip

second is all the dating sites, I think many people are now on everyone’s friends, what we do is to have a large number of people, add friends, add a sufficient amount of time, we have to build personal group, the equivalent of the QQ group in the form of almost but everyone inside the group can be issued more content, like that in the form of forum posting, then build group, our friends are invited to the group, the group is also an independent address, such as Baidu know, Post Bar can publicize our group, our group gathered a certain group of users, the next post increase our movie website traffic is not difficult.

third is Baidu know, Baidu know that sometimes a day can bring hundreds of flow, and the problem of the flow duration in a week or so, if after the adoption of the best answer, then against this problem, that will last longer. It’s difficult to leave a problem with the address, but we can do it by way of intermediate conversions, such as using Baidu space. We put the technician in his own Baidu space, then put the address space to Baidu in the know, so it is easy to send up, the specific film can send popular movie downloads, online play ah, but the address are left to supplement, not easy to fail. Some popular Trailer Movie, we can write the title + download + play to write in the form of combination, and then ask the address to add in the play, although the movie we do not provide the movie website to download and play resources, but in order to introduce traffic, sometimes we cannot do too formal


fourth is the promotion of the blog, this I do most of the time, the blog promotion if your style is good, then write the film star, information, dynamic, early we first do not worry with links to promote self.

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