The three dimensions of sponsorship activities on campus activities

Wang Guowei once said, since ancient times, all important will experience three levels: first, energy-saving, alone on the high rises, the horizon road; second, was pining away, my end is no regrets; third, hard to find, but suddenly the man in the lights dim. The three realms highly abstract the confusion of the earlier stage, the medium suffering, the final insight, and the whole effort.

on the last 90 years, advertising circles have been popular on behalf of a sentence, called "do not be president" as an advertiser. Explain how hot the advertisement is at that time, and to the rapid development of the Internet today, I think it should be changed to "do not become president", do e-commerce". But no matter what we do, we must find the law in order to use the most appropriate way to get twice the result with half the effort.

every college student who wants to make a difference in society must win at the starting line and take the first step. The so-called early bird has worms to eat. Use campus activities and part-time internships to accelerate the transition from student roles to social roles. For students who are active in the student union or in the community, we talk about how to sponsor and talk about how to do it.

first, energy-saving, alone on the high rises, the horizon road. This song is song Yan’s famous "Dielianhua" in a word, is nothing more than writing to the sweetheart of Acacia, in very bad weather, climb tall buildings, but also can’t wait to return the love. We are doing activities to find customers, often do not know how to start. Is to find the well-known brand or get around the campus to find more efficient business? What kind of industry? In fact, this is not difficult, according to the size of activity, might as well put out among all the customers generally cast on fish, take one thousand would rather be refused, also cannot miss a strategy. Most of the time, it’s better to do as much as you want, to pick up the phone, to pluck up courage, and to wait for the phone to ring. You can use the perfect language to express your deep understanding of the activity.

second, pining away to my end is no regrets. This is the famous Song Dynasty big words of Liu yong. Liu Yong, everyone is not strange, in the Song Dynasty, he is not strange, status is equivalent to the current Andy Lau, Jay Chou stream, is an individual can hum a few words of his. Particularly loved by brothel women. Therefore, I once thought the word "one-sided" means "the woman of the brothel" for the man in his mind, yearn for day and night, people are haggard, and the belly is also growing, but never regretted. (OH) seem to understand are justified, but then I was reading metaphor in order to obtain fame, often through the night, people are thin, consistent clothes seem fat, also will never change until death. As a sales person, you should go through this process unless you don’t strive for excellence. Often inexperienced business people have the potential to dream about their clients. And the old business people rely on the accumulation of relations, and no initiative. Is the most promising to do business, Jason is to pull ads in the university time gained the.