Purchase trap nemesis online purchase


many people are using their life savings to buy a house or even a debt to buy, in the sales process is easy to be all sorts of tricks developers blind the eyes, often regret in the house but not irretrievable. According to the online survey in Roy Internet incubation expert Huang Xiangru learned that the current housing mainly has the following several types of traps, but also give you ideas, how to handle, avoid all losses in the purchase.

1: false advertising

design exquisite advertising is often played a lot of people buy a house as if it were raining flowers, a project desire first comes from the real estate business or advertising on the exhibition table. The "model room" also play tricks, some developers use the housing model to deceive consumers, housing quality, structure and the actual launch does not match, the decoration and furniture used visual error size smaller and misleading.

response: property buyers should carefully read the contents of the purchase contract, when necessary, but also all advertising content into the formal contract, so that there is a guarantee.

two: facilities

developers in the sale of the project, the future of living facilities commitment to perfection, but property buyers really receive the housing key, when ready to stay, will find many commitments are not in place.

response: property buyers should be calm analysis of the possibilities and rationality of various supporting facilities, not confused by the surface phenomenon. If the developer provides free transportation, can it be free for a long time? Two, is the investigation of educational facilities approved by the education administration?. Three is to see if there are replacement facilities around. If the lack of the above measures, once the developers do not provide supporting facilities, the trouble will be more.

three: internal subscription

internal subscription is real estate developers not openly pre-sale commercial housing. As the internal subscription of commercial housing prices are relatively low, thus attracting many buyers. But some of the commercial housing within the commercial housing developers did not obtain "pre-sale housing permits" in the sale of its legal protection, property buyers can not be protected.

response: it is best not to buy such commercial housing. As for the owners or investors who want to buy low-cost housing, should choose a good reputation, strength, with market brand real estate.

four: Property Management

developers force owners to accept the services of their designated Property Management Company, thereby damaging the legitimate rights and interests of the owners. Or after a period of time secretly replace the Property Management Company, shoddy.

response: property buyers in the housing sales contracts signed, the Property Management Company for the designated service beyond the period of one year shall be objections, because of the additional conditions in violation of property buyers will not reasonable.

five: escape debt

bankruptcy household borrowing of many companies is a common trick. Internet incubation >