Web path absolute success or failure 1

– how many

pages does the search engine have in the search engine?

below, we’ll test the web path in search engines and find out how important the search results are.

if we had ever logged into a station to download the software, but when we left, we forgot the specific address. How will we search for it?

, we’re going to search for the following: orsoon, soft,

Orsoon is the domain name section of this station, and Soft is the approximate content of the site. The search results are as follows:


analysis 1: you can see that the page address of the relevant "orsoon soft" English has become bold, which fully proves that the web path in search results play a decisive role. In these 2 search results, even if the page appears "orsoon soft", but its weight is not in the first path, "orsoon soft" weight is higher. So this search result is the search engine to determine the path of the page to arrange out. The weight of the "orsoon soft" in the first search results is higher than the second result.

conclusion 1: web path in search results also have a very high weight.

analysis 2: we can see the first search results, "www. orsoon.Com/soft/", this path below the content is the software channel of the site. The second result is arranged in a trapezoid form at the bottom, which proves that the second result is the subordinate content or associated content of the previous result.

conclusion 2: "/soft/" using good web path, set the right content, can make the content of web pages contain relevance, and improve the search ranking of web pages.

summary: site selection in the reasonable web path, search results can not be ignored role.

, please continue to focus on: ADMIN5.COM> > >

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