Stationmaster should pay attention to the problem in the process of network transaction

himself as a pure hobby webmaster, has been silent in the webmaster circles mixed up so many years, also didn’t mix out a trick. Because of its non network and professional website, so a lot of knowledge building are in the A5 station network and related procedures to the East portal. I’ve never bought any books about it. I always think I don’t know what I want to do. Anyway, Baidu and Google can solve the problem.

has also wanted to send an article in A5, because writing is too messy, so has not been rushed out to see people. Plus do not know what to write, afraid to write out is not professional, afraid everyone throwing bricks. But today I don’t have what we throw bricks, because I think people have ridiculed the good article, so I don’t think this is what is wrong, simply let the bricks come more violent! Due to the recent transactions on the network very suck, eat a lot of money. So today I will write about webmaster network transaction security stuff. Where the transaction cost me nearly a thousand yuan, although the money is not special, but for us this slave it is still somewhat distressed. So I gave a brief description of the types of transactions that the owners often want to trade.

: a

trading station

has sold several stations since he started the station in 08 years. For ZhengZhan pay late, the seller should Caution! Transaction. The general does not recommend the use of Alipay and play money transactions, although Alipay can be secured transactions, but so many people around the world, not everyone is a good and honest person. Even with good faith under the banner of the people, they don’t believe the amount of. I always have a word. Don’t rely too much on someone you don’t know on the Internet. It’s because I believe in each other so much that I’ve lost my trust.


is the entire station transaction, which contains the domain name transaction and data transaction procedures, because the program and data belonging to be copied goods. Therefore, once the program data to the seller’s hands, once default, even a refund. The loss of the person you are, is tantamount to giving someone else you can spend a lot of your efforts procedures and data. If you want to appeal, like this I want to appeal in Alipay’s results for you is always a loss. So, it’s better to choose third parties for real deal. Alipay also belongs to the three party transactions, but rather than like the A5 three party real trading is still a big difference, at least in each transaction A5, are handled by three parties, and has authenticity and assurance. Therefore, it is better for people who have the credit to do such transactions themselves, rather than machines.

two: domain name transaction

domain name transactions, buyers should pay attention to transaction security issues. Because the domain name has a ownership problem, the domain name is not simply a domain name, several numbers or letters sold, but the sale of domain name ownership. In the course of the transaction. Generally there are two kinds of transfer and transfer, the correct choice should be transfer transactions, but some buyers in order to simplify the transaction process, direct >