Unify style by cross design

many companies have asked the question of how to ensure the uniformity of website style, especially with multiple product lines. That’s right. Keeping the style unified is a big problem for the website, not just the visual and literal surface unification, but also the page structure, the interaction process and the unification of the interaction ways. Only unified web sites can give users a better unified experience. Almost every small website to medium-sized website conversion process will encounter such a problem.

in the past software projects, the general solution to this problem is by hand to manage and summarize the unified design specifications". But on site projects, this does not seem to apply.

is a web site to update frequency is too high, the standard to reduce maintenance costs increased practicality, and secondly because the web development teams are generally difficult to take time staff dedicated to do this thing, more important is even if there is a standard application of detailed and systematic to the implementation of the cost is very high. YUI is also impractical for most Internet Co.

in general, I suggest that the team should adopt a "cross" approach to cooperation to ensure the overall unity of the people. And then through other people’s "gatekeeper" to make up for the unity of text and vision. Practices are as follows:

1 ensure the Department integrity of the product design department.

try not to split people from organizational principles to different products or project groups. Splitting the design department is a dangerous thing, and even in a very harmonious company, designers between different departments are hard to maintain communication and behavior. In this way, products are bound to be unified.

2, fully implement the idea of "continuous design".

to do a design before we want to site before what design and the like, which can be a direct continuation of layout rules and interactive mode "? If not, then, to rethink the new layout rules and interactive way, still need to think about this new form of" now this can continue in the future similar to what kind of design the new design before".

3, as far as possible to ensure a fixed designer, "dominant", the same product upgrades and adjustments.

, what are the designers within the design department? What are the main responsibilities of the designer? No task, no one has the time. Each designer has his own style, often changing different designers to design the same product, the design style is bound to be difficult to unify. A product designed by a designer can at least be consistent in ideas and ideas.

4 allows each designer to participate in multiple products, projects and personnel cross.

allows each designer to "dominate" one or two products according to their capabilities, but at the same time "participate" into multiple products, a product that has been designed by a designer, but has more than one design