Six mistakes to avoid in the process of entrepreneurship

business is an industry a lot of people want to join, but the process is full of hardships, not all business projects can get good fortune in the business process should pay attention to avoid these six mistakes.

in fact unless you are doing the hardware, or you don’t need any startup capital, but you must be willing to do. You have to make your own ideas, no one will do it for you, and no one will hire someone to do it for you. The reason is simple: if you are not willing to give up the rest of your time for the commercial potential of your business, why do people take the risk of their hard-earned money?.

Error two:

actually has a doctorate can only prove that you are not a moron. From my experience, having a doctorate can only have a negative impact on business success. Because the way to succeed in school is just the opposite of success in business. In school, your colleagues determine your success, in the business, your customers determine your success, and your customers, basically can be sure that it will not be your colleagues.

‘s plan

you have refused to deny this point. From small to large, you believe that intelligence is more important than anything, you will not believe that mother said, "learning to get along with others is more important than academic performance". The fact is that human relationships are more important than knowledge. This is not to say that wisdom and learning are useless. You have a certain degree of knowledge that you will be recommended to". But in the end, you know and trust, and more importantly, the people who trust you will have a much more decisive role in your future than your knowledge. Business activities are extremely complex. No one is likely to have all the knowledge and experience needed to complete a business decision, so smart people will delegate their power to others. And when they choose the object of decentralization, the first thought is that they know and trust people.

error five: no competitors better than

if you have no rivals, the most likely reason is that it does not make money. With a population of 6 billion people in the world, there is almost no chance that there will be a profitable market that no one has ever discovered. The best news is that your competitors are very good. Most companies don’t work very well. They make fakes, cheat customers, and

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