Looking for your sister to teach you out of the valley

"looking for your sister" game red. This is their team in the game when the cloud is expected to do the game, but they did not expect the game will be so fire. Cloud tour CEO Zhang Fan to Tencent technology revealed that the current find your sister, the amount of downloads has reached 55 million times.

and many independent game developers, let Zhang Fan really see the chance to play in the emergence of iOSAppStore. In 2010, Zhang Fan and his partners used their spare time to develop a iOS game in 2 months. Although this is a collection of games, but by the time limit free marketing tools, in the list or achieved good results.

"although the game yields little, but give us a lot of confidence. The game also received a lot of praise." Zhang Fan said.


in "find your sister" success, hot cool quickly found the team and the Android version of the release agent, and began to use their marketing team to help middle mature cloud signing more partners, expand the influence of the game.


but in "find your sister" Zhang Fan and friends, a total of 5 games developed. He said that they do the game is more love of the game, I feel very cool to play the game, enjoy the process of creating the game. It sounds easy, but it’s not easy to walk in the middle of the cloud.

out entrepreneurial despair Valley

A start-up curve


has achieved some success in the first game, the tour soon venture into the valley of despair. In fact, when entering the trough, there will be some psychological contrast

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