Nanchong woman to return to the village to raise nearly ten million annual income entrepreneurial st

entrepreneurial path, has become the current consensus of many people! But after all, entrepreneurship is a risk of the event, a lot of entrepreneurs who have a passion for entrepreneurship, but it has not taken action, leading to their own has been nothing. Entrepreneurship, for every entrepreneur, behind the sad and difficult, but their own well aware of their taste, especially for a woman, it is a kind of sharpening. The following and Xiaobian together to understand the story of the Nanchong woman to return home to raise the sheep entrepreneurial story.

He Junhua, 43 years old this year, Chinese Langzhong into town, a job in 20 years, in 2011 set up a home business, livestock farms, aquaculture based on Small Tail Han sheep, go on the road to prosperity.


Langzhong people club Bureau, after 5 years of hard work, now He Junhua’s sheep industry professional cooperatives, sheep sheep breeding, cultivation, collection of mutton soup pot, leisurely agricultural development, the annual output value of nearly 10 million yuan, has joined the beauty of radiating surrounding 10 counties, 110 towns, a total of nearly a thousand households hair sheep wealth.

sad life experience:

16 years old was lured to Hebei sheep

2 month 18 days, reporters came to the Chinese Langzhong town Baimiao village. For the first time to meet, He Junhua gives a person a kind of straightforward, capable impression. After a few greetings, only to know the eyes of others in the eyes of the strong woman, there is also a bumpy life behind it.

He Junhua said, 16 years old, their fellow villagers "trick" to Hebei in Baoding, over there, to give others the sheep, every month can earn 300 yuan. Recalled the scene at the time, He Junhua said, was to work in the unit workers each month to 45 yuan, a start feeling a little is not feasible, but see the family is poor, seven siblings have to rely on their parents, so for parents to share some of the load, also did not think too much, then with the same go to.

Hebei to Baoding soon, He Junhua and a local villager married, married with a daughter. After marriage, He Junhua began to learn sheep technology.

looked at today’s results, He Junhua told reporters, do not like other people call themselves "strong woman". She said, is itself a woman, also have emotions, needs in front of her husband and daughter complained, seeking comfort and understanding, is forced by reality, to their own plastic become outsiders do not know about the "woman".

encountered entrepreneurial dilemma:

a heavy rain washed melon, the loss of nearly one hundred thousand yuan

back to the beginning of the hardships of the beginning of the business, He Junhua heart five Chen miscellaneous. 2002 recommendation

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