nternet banking is a fool can benefit from the financial

with the continuous development of the Internet, we are increasingly aware of the changes in the Internet for life. Internet banking is what?" For this topic, chairman, director of the Institute of intelligent Haibo identity technology cloud North Xie Taoling break out, Internet banking is a fool can benefit from the financial!

4 18, the theme of the Internet financial industry development opportunities, the forum held in Beijing. This is the Sohu financial United Nations Association and the number of Internet banking institutions, together to create the new economic   new financial series opener Forum Forum, the year will be in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu City, Changsha held more than a peak of words.

in the forum, when the host threw out the "what" is the Internet financial problems, immediately attracted a guest a hot debate. Chairman, director of the Institute of intelligent Haibo identity technology cloud North Taoling Xie is break out, "the Internet finance is a new financial, financial wisdom, fool can benefit from the financial."

he further explained that the biggest changes since 2011 is the intelligent mobile phone, it has changed people’s living habits. But we are all cannot do without money in daily life, so the pay is bound to the intelligent mobile phone, Internet financial representative of the trend of an intelligent, intelligent fool can go to play, can make money, can benefit from.

however, Lacarra chairman Sun Taoran heard this argument, said he did not approve of. He said the Internet finance is very simple, and we did not say so xuanhu. Internet banking is just a supplement to traditional finance, rather than a role to replace or subvert the traditional financial sector. In his view, the so-called Internet banking is actually the Internet technology to provide financial services. But for now, the Internet banking is actually a long tail market, that is, in the case of traditional financial technology does not use the Internet, less than the coverage of the user and demand. So in the foreseeable 35 years, Internet banking is just a traditional financial supplement.

so as a new form of Internet financial industry, the emergence of what are the benefits to the enterprise? The cloud technology chief expert Gao Shaoyi believes that Internet banking can optimize the behavior of enterprises, so that enterprises can get used to get money. For example, he said, China Construction Bank

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