Beijing Yanqi new habitat innovation of entrepreneurs

entrepreneurial talent is a key factor in innovation and entrepreneurship is the most important to win the war, Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Zone calls for more "wild goose" settled down here, soaring in the new business habitat.

in such an era of movement in the meeting of wind and clouds, innovation has become the main melody of the undisputed. Innovation ability is the core competitiveness, with excellent innovation ability may have the world, have the future.

"double" new ecological

from ten years ago the Municipal Industrial Development Zone, more than ten years after the "municipal eco industrial demonstration park" and "the first batch of Beijing foreign trade transformation and upgrading professional demonstration base", then a member of the Zhongguancun "one zone sixteen garden" in the Yanqi development zone is a gorgeous, function orientation and the development of the concept of innovation.

"settled in the main park of Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Zone enterprises, can enjoy Zhongguancun ‘1+6’ pilot policy support, but also to share the advantages of resources of Zhongguancun science and Technology Park in the capital, technology, information, talents etc.." To change today’s Yanqi Yanqi Development Zone, economic development zone, director Zhou Fushu is familiar.

in many awesome policy support, a batch of major projects and projects have been in the forefront of Yanqi Lake settle down. According to industry planning, Yanqi Development Zone set up industrial park, science and technology service of nano science and Technology Industrial Park, digital information industrial park and urban industrial park, the formation of the characteristics of the four industrial park.

"only has more than and 10 Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute more than and 20 projects." According to Zhou Fushu introduction, the national electronic major project research base project, mechanics Tsien Hsueshen national engineering science experimental base project, network center of Beijing super Cloud Computing Center project, the space center of the National Center for space science projects and a number of heavyweight project of science and technology, science and technology innovation has been merged into the Yanqi Development Zone a torrent.

"these projects total construction area of about 1 million square meters, estimated a total investment of 7 billion 570 million yuan." Zhou Fushu’s recommendation

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