What are the operating methods of optical shops

is a common type of glasses shop store consumers are more familiar with, this kind of shops, but also a great market demand, the competitive advantage of different brand, if you want to invest, what measures would you take to get more competitive advantage? If the novice is not very clear about this problem can learn more about.

Agricultural Mr. Hunan, operating in Wuhan glasses shop has been for some years. What do you need to open an optical shop, according to him, his own business to open an optical shop, lots of choice is particularly important to say that there must be many people. Then, the analysis of the optical shop where the mainstream consumer groups, determine the location of the store operators, because now the competition is fierce, market segmentation is particularly important.

win what?

according to agricultural introduced, his glasses shop was able to expand the high-end consumer groups positioning, plus & ldquo; & rdquo; parity; characteristic, is business secret. & ldquo; the eyes are the window to the soul, so open shop quality must be put in the first place, technical personnel must be professional, the service for the customer must be considered, especially not shoddy products. & rdquo; agricultural said, the same lens and frame, his shop to take cheap sales strategy, brand shop is much cheaper than some, can satisfy the customer requirements to meet the normal maintenance, never charges, hold on for a long time, the old customers more naturally, and word of mouth, business is getting better and better.

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