Large flavor ecological hot pot

what is the best market prospect in China’s economic market? Catering。 What food and beverage items in the catering industry to make money? Hot pot, fast food. Yes, the two giants of the food and beverage industry is undoubtedly the Chinese fast food industry and the hot pot industry, in this small series recommended for you – a large ecological pot. As a food and beverage industry an excellent reputation of the brand, great taste of ecological Hot pot has been established since 2014, has been committed to providing the original Hot pot for consumers, has been adhering to the best products, the best quality service to every consumer business philosophy, neededmaterials excellent, wide, green health therefore in the market continue to grow and develop. Such a hot market, nature also won a lot of investors, now the big taste in the country to expand the ecological Hot pot has a number of stores, and want to enter the great taste of ecological Hot pot franchise teams of investors is growing. If you have the intention to join the famous restaurant brand, it is necessary to get to know the details of joining the information bar!

big flavor ecological hot pot join Q & A:

1, how much money to open stores, such as lack of funds, will provide financial support



joined the big shop and taste, according to join the different regions, the general investment total fund is about 1400~1800 yuan per square. (not included in the rent).

headquarters headquarters does not provide financial support, funding problems can be resolved through share shares and credit institutions.

2, how long will it take to join the business cycle?

answer: franchisees from the understanding of Wu Ming joined the system began, the need for early negotiations, store visits, qualification assessment procedures. From the headquarters to help the store for store design began, the preparatory period according to the size of the franchise level is different, the general preparation for 45-80 days.

3, joint way can join you?

answer: you can join the way to join the great taste of ecological pot. In order to ensure success and avoid influence of franchise business cooperation because of disagreements franchise business process, must be in before joining the partnership must be comprehensive understanding of the ecological Hot pot for taste, taste the ecological Hot pot joining system shall be agreed and approved joint performance. And make a clear agreement on the rights and obligations of cooperation before cooperation.

4, what information should be prepared to join the pre –

answer: join the headquarters in the understanding of the standard, according to the headquarters of the city to join the requirements of the selected grade, and determine the total investment in the store. If there is a suitable store, you need to prepare the store outside the facade, the interior of the plane and the adjacent Shop Street Photos

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