Want to do what work of cigarette sales during the Spring Festival


products truly popular, so that it can bring higher profits to the shops. So, for any one owner, would like natural products. New Year approaching, cigarette sales into the sales season, the Spring Festival during the normal operation in order to continue to stall, should attach great importance to, and to be implemented from the following aspects.

capital guarantee. Before all kinds of goods to large quantities of goods, the funds will be restricted, which need to be integrated as much as possible for the purchase of cigarettes. For other goods can be divided into multiple batches, or after the sale of the first consignment. In a word, to give sufficient funds to ensure the operation of large profits.

sourcing. According to their operating capacity, required to set foot in the tobacco companies supply supply range, as far as possible to buy new brands of cigarettes, one can increase the number of brands, two can attract new consumers, increase sales opportunities.

marketing planning. After the purchase of cigarettes and other commodities, the need to develop appropriate sales measures. Layout of lighting, posters in the shop; cigarette display put new ideas, stimulate the attention of consumers; making leaflets, the main parameters of main products, in store price printed, issued to consumers, to expand sales, increase sales rate.

after-sales service. Enhance the sense of after-sales service, the need to provide customers with door-to-door convenience, gift bags, etc.; issuing membership cards, allowing customers to enjoy the shopping discount. Establish customer files, customer needs, consumer habits, such as tracking, through QQ, WeChat, SMS and other forms of communication, contact emotion, cultivate loyal customers.

wanted to make products is not easy, the preparatory work for the nature also need to do. If you are the owner of a shop, the possibility to achieve sales, there are more natural preparations. In short, as long as the capital, supply, planning, service and other aspects of security, then the Spring Festival season sales will be able to earn a pot full of pots full.

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