Twenty strategies for business

business in the end should be how to do, but this is a stress, is a strategy to deal with. In short, the business is to pay attention to countermeasures. The author summed up the following twenty business, I hope the retail friends can get a little inspiration.

1, advanced thinking, to "guide" to win. The use of information, forecast, hand development, promote consumption.

2, able to foresee, to "fine". Do you want to turn head is fast, lag is Qiao, is to lose or gain, will be detailed.

3, small profits and quick turnover, to price to win. "A very good to eat, and starve to death", will be business people to follow the market.

4, strict checks to "quality" win. Purchase to strictly guard against fake and shoddy goods to enter the market, with excellent product quality to win customers.

5, treat each other sincerely, with "letter" win. Both the production units or business units, to sincerely for the sake of customers, credit, reputation, there are problems that are not members of the selection committee, do not shield their mistakes, do not deceive customers, good customer service service.

6, catch hot spots to "name" win. While others have not come to "wake up", your store have been listed on the market.

7, take advantage of a weak point, the "fast" to win. In order to promote the sale of famous products, timely purchase and sale of marketable goods.

8, but to "slow" win. Some business in the market instability are not allowed to see the case, not aggressive, when slow slow.

9, in order to win like hunger and thirst to "need". The special needs of customers goods, special configuration, set up counters, thoughtful service, do not make it look.

10, to win the "clever" crush one by one. To do a good job in the market positioning, to distinguish between different objects, to take different measures, such as young people to catch up with fashion, middle-aged people talk about high-grade, rural people talk about practical. $page$

11, another Qi, to win the "independence". Smart people should be good at a product from the market keen insight into the trend changed from hot to cold, another way of living, so I have no people, I have excellent people.

12, articulate, "Qin". While the introduction of commodity management side of commodity knowledge, if necessary, will operate, do not let a customer.

13, jianfengshiduo, to "listen" to win. Observant and alert, very alert, to the market, fashion.

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