New business opportunities

college students looking for work is now being carried out in full swing, the whole college students in the entrepreneurial market, and now there is a new business opportunities, which is the mutual job". So, in the end what kind of business opportunities? And let Xiaobian bring you to know.

now, many college students in order to find a job, at around all over the country, they are next to the popular saying: "at home by friends, by mutual friends outside!" "Huyou" is a network, to participate in the "mutual friends who can deploy accommodation services for these different job cards in college students help them collect all kinds of recruitment information, even if they accompany visiting fairs, I to the local job, will also enjoy" equal treatment "– this is the rise of a new" mutual job".

created this web site of Harbin Industrial University in 2005 after Tansheng Liu Bolong told reporters, with "mutual job" concept of popular website scope has been expanded, currently has more than eight thousand registered members, more than 3 thousand people every day online. He began to cooperate with some enterprises, and then to a certain amount of fees to the enterprise, to maintain the operation of the site.

different times, there will always be a variety of business opportunities, only truly meet the needs of the market opportunities, can have a better opportunity for development. In short, in the current market context, such a mutual job will undoubtedly be able to have a better tomorrow.

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