Underwear store 9 sales skills

business has now become a choice, a lot of people at the same time, for many female compatriots, to open a brand underwear shop during this time is a very correct choice, then open the brand underwear shop should grasp the sales skills.

1, to use negative law speech.

first and then tell the defects of products to affirm its advantages. For example, " although the price of our goods is higher, but the style, fabric and quality are first-class."

2, vivid words, sounds sweet.

words with the times, the progress of the times, purchasing guide must keep up with the times, with the now popular words and talk to customers, impress customers: pause and focus in speech. Voice is warm and sweet, exquisite cadence, so as not to make people feel boring.

3, pay attention to explain the arts, grasp the pertinence.

for ordinary customers, to explain the language easy to understand, in line with the tastes of the customers, not professional and academic; in the face of professional and technical staff, because they learn, knowledgeable and good at analysis. Therefore, the interpretation of language can not be popular, should highlight the professional knowledge.

4, a targeted customer

the customer to buy products have been aware of the shopping guide don’t make detailed introduction, should be straightforward to customers to know him (her) to the type of goods, so as to provide appropriate services.    
5, customer

in the selective segment

6, holding " browsing " psychological customer

this type of customer, he (she) would recommend some fashionable, unique and reliable quality products, so as to stimulate him (her) who desire to buy or let customers casually browse every piece of goods, but not all eyes staring at the customer, it will make him (she) were without psychological pressure free.

command statement is the speaker’s personal opinion, did not seek the opinions of others will force others to do. The request statement is to respect each other, in a consultative manner, ask others to do.

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