Xu Wei how to successfully operate handsome convenience store

some people because of high rents and fear at the same time, some people even rent high can make money, in addition to the business of different outside, and operator of the business also has a great relationship. In Zhejiang Province, Yuexiu District, Beichen City, the new town of 2 Square Plaza, the convenience of the store is particularly eye-catching eye-catching signs: White Green words, simple and generous, there are Shaoxing tobacco modern terminal logo. It’s telling the customer that it’s not an ordinary convenience store.

exquisite convenience store is indeed not common: only 60 square meters of practical area, but to pay a year rent of $150 thousand. In the downtown business district, high rents scare away many retail operators. The convenience store owner Xu Wei handsome was able to "outperform" rent will be in stores so smooth.

9 23, the reporter walked into the beautiful convenience store, listening to Xu Wei about his way of business.


white sea sword Zoupian front


exquisite convenience store was founded in 2010. At that time, it was more like a big construction site.

2009 in September, in a company to work with Xu Wei moved to the new development of the business district. Eating, shopping is not convenient, which led to some colleagues complain.

Xu Wei got a glimpse of the business from the complaints. He traveled around the company’s real estate, selected the Beichen Plaza, a 2 shops, intends to resign to open a convenience store. After listening to friends and relatives have advised him: just the development of the business district, even households are not, where you can open a convenience store business? It’s better to open a restaurant!"

Xu Wei could believe their eyes: because the entire business district is still in the development stage, a shop to rent out, the rent is cheap; construction workers in the vicinity of the residence he selected shops, hundreds of workers every day from the door through the surrounding; many office buildings have been put into use, but have not heard of the convenience store the opening. No competition, there are tourists, there is demand, he did not worry about business!

after some investigation, Xu Wei resigned from the company, began preparations for the shop. In 2010, the convenience store opened.

in order to gain a firm foothold in the Xu Wei store, shop layout, sourcing organization, fully taking into account the surrounding circumstances: he deliberately ordered a special cigarette counter, the counter longitudinal 90° fan, there are certain security role, the curved glass in front of the customers view is also very good; he bought daily necessities for construction workers and cigarette demand……

shop opened, it was welcomed by construction workers. Summer, Xu Wei in shop

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