How to choose men’s store

men’s store should be how to choose? If you have any questions about this question, you can learn more about it. Xiao Bian finishing a number of site selection, are the successful experience of others, you can take a look at. If more suitable for your situation, you can learn to apply to the actual operation.

men’s store in the selection of the following theories:

1, business intensive site selection. Choose a commercial area, because in this business district traffic is relatively large, the number of potential customers immeasurable. However, there is a great threat to the location of business intensive areas, such as the same kind of shops, the greater the competition. And it is clear that the high rents in commercial areas, but also an important factor impeding the store operation.

two, the location of leisure and entertainment district. The entertainment district generally refers to in shopping malls, cinemas and theatres in the core business district. This is a kind of location advantage rent than commercial intensive areas, and traffic medium, many people need to wait for the opening of the film in some places to pass the time, and because of the movie to many women, so the consumption of excellent strength.

three is a residential area, one of the advantages of residential areas is low rent. Relative to the commercial areas, residential housing rental is the lowest. Another potential advantage is that the flow of residential areas are more concentrated, and low liquidity, a clothing store is easy to form their own fixed customers. As long as there is a fixed customer, the order will be more directional, the purchase of additional orders will be less waste.

how to do a good job in men’s store location? Many newcomers to the location of the problem is not very good, it does not matter, as long as you are willing to learn, will get a certain growth. There are many needs to consider the location of the work, only the continuous investigation, comprehensive consideration, we can do a good job site, and quickly learn it.

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