Thirty year old entrepreneurs must understand what life keywords

thirty is a watershed in life, people often say sanshierli, actually thirty year old entrepreneur entrepreneurship coincided with the golden period, at this stage of life need to know some words, and make a life plan for yourself.

– unemployment

30, it is an unfortunate thing to have a sense of unemployment. 30 years old before it is too early to fix a career in this life may be the greatest misfortune. Unemployment may remind you of long buried dreams. You may wake up to the potential that you never knew, and maybe you don’t have a dream.


in this materialistic society, the pursuit of fashion has become the pursuit of money. Today, the world is synonymous with materialism and secular.


drift is not a misfortune, but a qualification. While no family burden, while health, drifting when? Of course, drifting is not necessarily the body, perhaps only fantasy and dreams. In the new century, the leader of the fashion is a generation, the only one who desires to drift is not the heart.


this is petty things "C" in the word today and two popular, the pursuit of style is their patent. Petty bourgeoisie said there are four elements to meet the requirements: wisdom, literacy, self-confidence and money. Style is the "fashion" into a dress, temperament, the best taste and interior decoration. That is, the boss will only speak vulgar vulgar. "Petty bourgeoisie" has the ability to vulgar his door.


we most should not sacrifice for others and self assessment, for those of you in the backseat driver I don’t know what he is to comply with the rules of the door, don’t just follow rules, rules are creating, to do everything according to their own judgment, although this will trouble a little.


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