How to achieve the 20 thousand day of the first day of the opening of the hot pot restaurant

opened the first day can have tens of thousands of passengers traffic, it sounds incredible, however, as long as we do the work, such a goal is not a problem. Wuxi Xiaoyu hot pot, on the creation of the opening day of the 20 thousand passenger trips, the first day to achieve the Superman turnover, refresh the local restaurant opened to the new record.

how did they do it? May wish to look at.

clever use of video publicity, first registered in the hearts of customers

opened 2 months ago, Xiao Yu hot pot will be on the tongue of China’s 2 video clips into a short clip of 3 minutes on WeChat circle of friends, for everyone to forward.

Du Songlin, chairman of

, said that the original purpose of the short film was not "ambition", because we have seen it on TV and on the Internet, but why should we send it? Can be added to the impression in the minds of customers, we look at the topic, we know that the dawn of hot pot is about to start, the first in the hearts of customers registered, with video preheat the market!"

do enough popularity, issuing 500 thousand yuan cash coupon

Xiao Yu hot pot opened the week before, as long as someone concerned about its WeChat micro-blog, forwarding and invite three friends, you can get $50 cash coupon (limited to the top 10000). In addition, Xiao Yu Hot pot also conducted internal beta raffle, invited 100 to eat, chowhound free, do not line up, the activities of the advertising language is full of fun, the dishes free, all you can eat to help out from the wall.

Du Songlin said, this marketing method is suitable for the opening of new stores, through such an event, to maximize the popularity will be done, and, of course, in the course of the activity, food prices will not cut corners, not reduce food components, also do not increase, to achieve real profits!

The bombing of the information

disagreeable, can send

continue to push the hot pot related information, but also to allow customers to produce psychological conflict, how to operate?

Xiao Yu will all Hot pot paid 500 thousand yuan cash coupon after the next job is to keep the customer of this store’s enthusiasm, which often need to send "bombing" caused by sustained attention to customer. Xiao Yu hot pot has launched a variety of activities.

eat any activity — "now until the opening, Xiao Yu Hot pot Beida invited, twenty top spicy spicy chowhound come to experience and passion……" Du Songlin said, do publicity, the meal prices do not forget

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