Liquid wallpaper stores will encounter what common business problems

many businesses will carefully sum up some of the common problems of the industry’s investment, grasp the problem, to be able to take effective measures to solve. So for the operation of liquid wallpaper store business, common business problems are what?

1, procurement costs in recent years, with the rising prices of raw materials such as oil, paint raw material prices have been running for many years in high. In a rise in the price of raw materials, liquid wallpaper industry currently faces a dilemma between rising prices of raw materials and imported paint. For many paint companies, how to reduce the cost of procurement is a major problem they face.

2, human resources issues

what things are made out of people, from the most upstream patient research to final product sales, so it is. R & D, some say, liquid wallpaper paint industry really has the ability of independent innovation engineers is not much, more is to improve the products, so enterprises lack of core technology products; in management, the paint industry still stays in the primary stage of management, lack of management talent.

3, vendor relationship issues

manufacturers and businesses as different subjects, business orientation, different business objectives will inevitably lead to different manufacturers sales. Therefore, the relationship between manufacturers is not the upper and lower administrative relations, the relationship is the essence of the relationship between the interests of the cooperative relationship. The relationship between manufacturers is a major issue in front of the coating industry.

4, marketing costs

many liquid wallpaper paint enterprises still remain in the development of the overall number of dealers, distributors of the increase is very limited, and many dealers are very weak, there is a wind sways grass might not exist or faithless".

5, branding issues

6, regional restrictions

7, homogenization problem

the current market similar products more and more, the merchants in order to sell the goods, the price war, the homogenization of competition in the paint industry is growing. In the coating industry, the homogenization of the problem has reached a white hot degree, whether it is products, services, or advertising there are serious homogenization tendency.

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