Ningbo’s first nnovation nstitute opened

now such a popular pioneering era, there are many different ways of entrepreneurship in Zhejiang, Ningbo in the first school of entrepreneurship and innovation, will further promote the development of local college students entrepreneurship.

by virtue of "public entrepreneurship, innovation" Dongfeng, Ningbo’s first school of entrepreneurship and innovation this afternoon in Ningbo high tech Zone Innovation port opening. Ningbo Municipal Committee, organization department minister Yang Liping attended the inaugural ceremony and delivered a speech, vice mayor Chen Zhongzhao attended the event.

School co-founder, build a strong platform and mentor capital platform, teachers are more than fifty people, industry leaders and chiefs of capital "". Through the discussion in the classroom and pondering, and let the bright younger generation fully communicate and exchange pioneer, establish a good business atmosphere, promote entrepreneurs for innovation and entrepreneurship understanding and execution, and open up a new situation in Ningbo’s entrepreneurship and innovation.

The establishment of

The opening ceremony of the

, sponsored by the Ningbo School of entrepreneurship and innovation "Internet plus 4 industry forum held in Hong Kong in the high tech Zone innovation.

The establishment of

will further promote innovation and entrepreneurship, local entrepreneurs entrepreneurial enthusiasm, especially in some colleges and universities, many colleges and universities will also give the graduates to take a very good social environment.


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