South Korea in China the first batch of students graduating from college graduates

China’s development has been the world’s attention, despite this year’s economic slowdown, but there is still a huge market potential. The day before, direct support by the South Korean government’s first foreign students in China entrepreneurship volunteer activities completed the first phase of the project, students of entrepreneurship practice in business mentor help Korean students.

12 24, 15:00, supported by the South Korean government, the first Korean students in China Entrepreneurship Program of the first batch of students graduation ceremony in the real estate research center, held in the center. Zhao Zhongxiu, vice president of University of International Business and Economics, South Korea, China Science and technology cooperation center, chief representative for the graduation ceremony speech, Mr. Yin Daxiang. Attended the activities and Secretary Liu Jinlan, director of the school of International College in Li Yong, South Korea on behalf of the South Korean standards association Yu Jiao Hao, general manager of Risingsun Kim, general manager Ai Bott Lan Gao Yonghe.

the next guests the certificates and prizes for students venture fund. A total of nine students won the excellent prize of $2000, two students received a prize of $two, the first prize of $20000 for two students, a student won a special prize of $50000.


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