The way to make money for female college students

many people think as a vulnerable groups – women, entrepreneurship can be really many obstacles, but we can find another way of college students Li Hongmei.

bookstore opened soon, in order to increase the effective trade channels, Li Hongmei also set up an online transaction (mainly academic works), intended to facilitate communication with counterparts. Now, online transactions accounted for 15% of the total book business. In addition, Li Hongmei also sell some basic unprofitable books, so you can stabilize the old customers, for new customers, thereby driving other businesses. Add "send" business, Li Hongmei is the new. This move is fully standing in the customer’s position, but also to promote the integrity of the bookstore. This business mainly face the book but not sold to the customers, they want to have the value of hand books like calligraphy and painting as send in the store by the owner of the consignment". "Sell" success, "do little boss collection fee". Second-hand house so operating for a year, a month now Li Hongmei’s bookstore has a net profit of $3000. "Fishing shrimp" is also a kind of realm Buhui process, the mountains of Xiangxi yao. After graduating from college, she has been unable to find a suitable job. When she saw the city people love native mountains, is thought to be the home of those in remote mountainous areas of pure natural products transported to the city to sell. After making a decision, Cheng Buhui first took a small part of the varieties came to the provincial capital "Pathfinder", the popular, the reason is: the pollution-free sundries, is the pursuit of quality of life of city residents love the most. Tasted the sweetness, Cheng Buhui immediately in his hometown to find some help. She went to the Xiangxi mountain supply organizations, and rented a more than and 20 square meters of shops in the provincial capital, specialized sales of farm products.

liquor, "sell" to the boss a beautiful face, slim, undeniable is the girl job a kind of capital and advantage. Be graduated from the University of Monza because there is no beautiful appearance, many were rejected. For more on their own, for one, Monza gave up "

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