How to open a jewelry store to do the target consumer groups positioning

jewelry is a woman’s favorite, however, the purchase of jewelry is not necessarily a woman, because a lot of jewelry are sold to men. So the question is, what are the target consumer groups? What is the ability to consume? Let’s take a look.

1, the person who loves jewelry very much

they especially for jewelry jewelry have a similar inexplicable preferences, these people buy jewelry is not need a reason. This is the most loyal supporter of the jewellery market, selling jewelry beads to them primarily to familiarize themselves with their preferences and to communicate with them in jargon. In general, these people tend to the general level of quality jewelry no special interest, but for some special germplasm, especially color and special process things may be passionately devoted.

this consumer group age mostly in the elderly, in general with the temperament characteristics of bile or mucoid and more human. The main object of purchase may be the flower pieces, but do not rule out jewelry jewelry. If the seller with them, they can often develop far and loyal customers.

2, for some security needs of people

as the seller, to make this type of business, the key is to say, the consumer is not an antidote against the disease, both men and women and age, but generally older women and more. Relatively speaking, southerners may be more persistent and more popular than northerners. Its purchases include a variety of jewelry and jewelry categories, especially rings, flowers and bracelets based.

3, a person who likes jewelry, used for ornament or decoration

4, love jewelry, in order to appreciate the intention of both hedge

the consumer with high income and Chinese culture has deep feelings of the people. Most of them are familiar with China’s jewelry stone culture, the aesthetic meaning of jewelry also has a more comprehensive understanding of jewelry market. To do this kind of consumer business, for this kind of customer, the seller seize the shape of jewelry or craft to persuade is a business is very important factor.

No matter what you intend to do

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