Shop name should not use traditional characters

may be in order to reflect the difference, and now many shops in the production shop will be used when the traditional Chinese characters, although there are characteristics, but it brings inconvenience to consumers. Live in Longshan Nga Court of the people Ms. Xu reflected a few days ago, the children let the children learn to draw to recommend a friend’s gallery, but for a long time did not find, the original painting gallery of traditional Chinese characters, Ms. Xu did not recognize.

In case some businesses

pay attention to urban street signs, found that most name words relatively standardized, but some businesses in order to highlight their out of the ordinary, indiscriminate use of traditional Chinese characters, English words, some businesses also use simplified with the traditional half, half, some businesses are simply all in traditional.

citizens reflect: traditional characters more difficult to recognize

Ms Xu took her daughter to a friend recommended the ocean art space painting class registration. A friend said in the vicinity of the building, but Ms. Xu did not look for a long time to find. Finally, under the guidance of a passerby, Ms. Xu found the sign of the art space plug.

saw the ocean art space "art", "art", "inter" were written in the "art", "art", "". "Mom, the original words can not read the place that we are looking for a place, the mother is an adult, as well as adults do not know the word." Listen to her daughter say so, Ms. Xu is a face of embarrassment.

coincidentally, the public Mr. Chen also encountered such embarrassment. "I took my son to dinner that day, and he pointed to a sign on the side of the street." Mr. Qian thought for a long time did not want to come out, and later had to know that the word was originally "ha" of the traditional Chinese characters.

survey: part of the business name words are not standard

in Jinling Road, a store in the closet "Asia" in "Asia", a chess "Changxin" in "Long Yu", a Gas Co will be "written" gas gas ""…… From the intersection of Longshan Avenue and Jinling Road, until near the intersection of Jinling Road and Taihu Road, a distance of over 600 meters, I counted more than and 80 shops, of which there are 14 shops in the name or English words or use traditional Chinese characters.

"older people do not look tired of traditional characters, but some shops to write a few English letters, it is really do not understand." In the interview, a woman pointing to a barber shop side told me, although English signs make people feel very young, but they don’t know what is the meaning of.

relevant departments reply: signs can not be indiscriminate use of traditional characters

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