Qingdao Nanke co power hit off the real business

now belongs to the society is a hit off times, under such a background, local governments have to think of ways to organize and promote the majority of entrepreneurs entrepreneurial activities, attract some guests who come to business.

"Thou" plan, namely the publication of a "three hit" reader, recording ten Hall of the "three hit" open class for the spread of online and offline organization of one hundred passengers involved in creating plans, plans to directly affect the one thousand young people to participate in the "three hit" action. To further improve the construction of Science Center, the establishment of a science and technology with the characteristics of science and technology to create customer base". Organize a monthly online communication. Each quarter held a private board of directors, the company invited the person in charge of entrepreneurship, especially science and technology or a high degree of entrepreneurship core personnel on the operation of the communication.

was widely spread by science platform. By micro-blog, WeChat and other forms, expand the impact of the "three hit" work of the city.

", and" three hit "action plan" introduced to attract guests settled in South City, South City to promote innovation and entrepreneurship development, plays a positive role in forming power south of the city public innovation, the entrepreneurial "situation.

now in such a new era under the background of Qingdao city for a customer to launch a number of entrepreneurs are real, not only is very helpful to local entrepreneurs entrepreneurial enthusiasm to join will also attract more entrepreneurs.


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