What business can make the basement

in the basement, a lot of people mind that emerges is perhaps the sepulchral atmosphere, at most only is the home of piled debris. However, if we can make good use of the basement can actually make money. So, what kind of business can make money in the basement?

generally speaking, do not do business in the shop floor, but it was also able to open the basement shop booming.

one day at noon, I went to a white-collar sisters to eat, the heart straight way to worry before, went to her, was 11:30 at noon to 1 p.m. this 1.5 hours, no canteen building, around the store is not full is too far, it is not convenient. So I gave her a phone call, asked me not to go to McDonald’s to buy something, the result is very calm sister said, you do not have this tube, you come on the line.

to know, people’s eating difficult problem has been resolved. To tell the truth, I was just a big jump, the original in their office on the ground opened a new food plaza, delicious everything. We have a bowl of spicy, a hamburger, eat very satisfied, but also saves a lot of time to chat with friends, saying, eat every day at noon and still have time to stroll around. It is understood that, in addition to the staff here will come to lunch outside the building, near the white-collar office buildings, and even nearby residents will come to dinner, there are a lot of people to solve this dinner, business is extremely hot.

I think that all nine to five people know that eating is the biggest problem of the day. A morning, afternoon will have to face the challenge, hope to have some good to give yourself a patch, but the surrounding food not only do not eat especially expensive, eat a meal of the month, how much wages will eat out. People are eager to have a good place for money and food.

and you, if a clean, clean, delicious and cheap in the office building of the underground delicacy store, it is guaranteed to the full timely assistance, you earn. If a person can not afford to open the snack street, you can open a shop, put on the 20 seats, come early, willing to eat will eat here, no seat will go, so as to save your cost will not mess get out of hand, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

basement shop can choose a lot of projects, such as game hall. When you are with a male friend, listen to them!" Game hall has always been a favorite place for modern people to work in the rest, relax, if opened in the basement of the office, the company’s game fans how to let this opportunity.

gym is also a good choice. In modern society, the man to fitness, women want to lose weight, but the quality of work requires people to recommend

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