Explain the current Chinese bakery food market competition

‘s current consumer interest in baked goods is very strong, from the purchase of baked goods to the beginning of homemade baked goods, this trend has proved that the transformation of the Chinese people’s increasing acceptance of baked foods. With the rapid development of economy, the acceleration of urbanization, and the deepening of the construction of a well-off society in an all-round way, the living standard of the people has been improved significantly. When people meet the food and clothing at the same time, travel and leisure activities gradually increased, and began to pursue a healthy and fashionable way of eating characteristics of baked food with its easy to carry, convenient, fashion, more and more consumers. Relevant data show that in the past few years, China’s baking machinery industry has developed rapidly, sales and production value increased year by year.

in the decades of development, China baking industry has to follow suit, imitation and exploration direction, today some companies have baked strength and size, can be described as groundless talk, bumps along the way, finally saw the good. The development of baking industry, can also be used to describe.

the largest baking companies is the brand competitiveness, brand image better, market competitiveness is stronger. In the current market situation, the competition in the baking food industry can be said to be extremely cruel. The pastries and other baked food market development status, kesongfang, yipinxuan go in the high-end line, mainly for the high spending power of the consumer groups, so the product is to meet consumer demand for the product taste, taste; for the snow bell school, supermarkets and hypermarkets market share is in high quality and inexpensive for gem; in addition to the brand advantage; there are large and small, small square, Cake Bakery, they will also affect the catering business baking food industry sales to a certain extent.

production tends to specialization and standardization of

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