Chong passenger headquarters focused O2O venture capital is very attractive

in business on the road you may encounter some rare opportunities to get rich, there will be some "noble", providing substantial venture funds for you, guide you to become rich the pinnacle of life, and this "noble" is off the record headquarters.

in March 24th this year, creating "free entrepreneurship camp headquarters once again sounded the horn", together with Peking University Alumni Association, 1898 venture cafe, to national O2O entrepreneurs issued recruitment information.

entrepreneurship camp will be from the applicants, the founder of selection of the 30 O2O team, joined the project have access provided by a customer win angel fund, Lenovo star, Tiger Fund, Liu Zhishuo Devoe, Tong entrepreneurship, AA investment, capital Ze thick and Xu Zhiming’s 300 thousand to 5 million ranging from early investment.


it is understood that the O2O camp business mentor is one of Xu Zhiming, "he", founder of CEO, he founded the "free shipping, 1 hours delivery mode is the major business platform to follow.


Want to become the founder of the



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