Changzhou Jiangsu 500 students near the body of excessive pollution

day before, Jiangsu school nearly 500 students physical adverse reactions and disease by the relevant departments concerned. It is reported that all parts of the contaminated land along the way over 100 thousand times the amount of pollutants.

yesterday, according to the Changzhou foreign language school nearly 500 students body abnormal situation, the Ministry of education spokesman Mei said, has been concerned about the matter to the local education department with the relevant government departments of local, as soon as possible to detect and Research on the school and the surrounding environment in accordance with scientific methods.

recently, media reports said, since the end of 2015, a lot of students in the school of Changzhou foreign language school has adverse reactions and disease, 493 showed dermatitis, eczema, bronchitis, blood abnormalities, leukopenia and other abnormal symptoms, the individual also was found to have lymph cancer, leukemia and other malignant diseases. Parents suspected next to the contaminated plots of chemical plants. The survey also found that some of the pollutants in the contaminated area exceeded 100 thousand times the amount of pollutants in the school campus contaminated with contaminated plots on the corresponding pollution.

this, Mei Mei, the Beijing News reporter said, have seen relevant reports, the occurrence of such things is very shocked. She said that the school site of the EIA work is very important to ensure the health of students, which is a prerequisite, in order to talk about the school on this basis. "We hope that the local education department with local government departments, as soon as possible in accordance with the scientific method of school and the surrounding environment for testing and research."

other media reports, the Ministry of environmental protection and the Jiangsu provincial government will set up a joint investigation team, rushed to Changzhou for on-site investigation.

secret: the school did not approve the construction of chlorobenzene exceeded 100 thousand times

Changzhou foreign language school has 58 classes of primary and high school, about 2800 teachers and students. In September 2015, the school moved to the new campus is located in the New District Longhutang street. Since the end of the year, there have been a growing number of students in school adverse reactions and diseases, parents suspected of all the way around the chemical plant contaminated land.

survey found that some of the pollutants in the contaminated land exceeded 100 thousand times. In addition, there are serious environmental impact assessment report, the school construction time than the report approved a full 7 months ahead of time.

survey: some pollutants exceeded 100 thousand times

contaminated land and Changzhou foreign language school near the road, was the seat of the three chemical plant. Three chemical plants, the largest chemical plant called Changlong Chemical Co., Ltd., followed by Chang Yu Chemical and Huada chemical. A long chemical industry in more than 30 years of work, said the old man, in his record of production logs, such as grams of Budweiser, more than recommended

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