Shenyang primary and secondary schools to adopt a flexible school work

in Shenyang, a lot of schools have been out of school, but has not yet been waiting for parents to pick up, because parents are generally more late than school work. Shenyang is developing students flexibility school specific programs in the future after school students volunteered to stay in school, the school will arrange students to do homework, reading or doing sports activities, and the school can not be nominal charges after service.

3 28 April, Liaoning Provincial Department of Education issued a "forwarding Office of the Ministry of education on primary and secondary school students do after-school service work guidance" notice, by advocating "government purchase services" "financial subsidy" in the form of the implementation of primary and secondary students after class service work, the implementation of flexible school, provide necessary and flexible the students after service. But after class service must be a voluntary participation of parents and students, is prohibited to make up a missed lesson, not arbitrary charges. After the specific period of service, according to the actual situation of the city.

in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Department of education, primary and secondary schools to carry out after-school service specific programs to report to the Department in charge of education. Advocate various schools in the process of carrying out the class service, arranged by the school teachers or teachers for individual students with learning difficulties to give free counseling to help, and resolutely prevent the after service become a collective teaching or "good", it is strictly prohibited to name charges after service. So, what are the contents of after-school services?

In accordance with the provisions of

, mainly arrange students to do homework, reading, sports, art, science and entertainment activities, games, training, carry out community and interest group activities, such as the film is suitable for children to watch. Primary and secondary schools and schools to encourage the activities of the joint organization to carry out comprehensive practice activities, or organize students to nearby communities, enterprises and institutions to carry out social practice activities.

children can take advantage of this short time in school, and other students can communicate with each other, but also can do their homework independently, is a good thing. It is understood that Nanjing and other cities have been the primary school students flexibility. In the Ministry of education on primary and secondary school students to do the work of the document issued, Shenyang has begun to carry out primary and secondary school flexible work.

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