A bowl of hot and sour soup into the 2 million story of entrepreneurial miracle

believes that only a few small tables and 50 square meters of the size of the store can earn 2 million? In fact, this is the real   do not look at the small store, in fact, people have their own business philosophy. With their own actions interpretation of a miracle.

How to make a lot of money

but close his shop by ray, You’ll see. "lobster, the snacks to make millions of" not boast.

2011, Zhou Qing determined to own their own lobster, looking for a place, met this shop, located in Wuxi BaBaiBan street, formerly the home real estate intermediary, almost no surrounding restaurants, super expensive rent — a year 180 thousand, minimum 50 square meters fully prepared to store.

What can the

"others said, 180 thousand of the rent can not do! How much money can be done? 30 thousand can do? But a shop can not go on, not the difference between the 30 thousand and the 180 thousand, if the product positioning is not allowed, even if a penny shop rent does not receive, it may not make money. A store can not do it is not rent, but in the product." Zhou Qing said.

orientation: shop open, sold two

in the shop around, thousands of sales at the mall, there are office workers, a large area of commendation

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