Do a good job marketing will make the business more explosive

we often can see such a phenomenon, even if the two shops are separated by only a road, whether it is business or product, the size of the store and there is not much difference, the business of the shop can vary, this is afraid and specific business have a great relationship. Near the mother’s home area has a vegetable convenience store business special fire, very popular with the residents of the district. Every time with my mother to go to the store to buy food, the store is always crowded, heavy traffic. However, the vegetable shop next door, whether it is storefront decoration, or vegetable varieties are not inferior to this shop, but business is not as good as this.

one day, I couldn’t help asking the boss why. She explained: "eight words: cheap, buy more to send more. The one we do is food business, this is the conscience of the business, so we must ensure the fresh vegetables; second, buy food cost a fraction of our store are avoided, so that customers will not come back to the zero line coin worry. Also, that is, uncle aunt to buy a few onions, garlic, such as a small seasoning, I basically free. With this measure, my business can not good?" Heard here, I suddenly see the light, no wonder the store business than the surrounding shops, the original is the doorway.

home, I began to look at my shop, and "innovation" out of my own new style – because "people" take.

so-called "because" people take, that is, "ride" must vary from person to person, can not be stereotyped, send things must meet the needs of customers.

, for example, to store consumer buy cigarettes lady customer, I have enclosed two pieces of chewing gum, relieving oral smoke from smoking brings, this move maid was very cordial and met with the customer; child customers, send children to do free shook his car a chance, happy child, adults happy, I also increased the popularity of the store.

now many shopkeepers are aware of the importance of such a service, but do not know how to do the work. In fact, the ride is not a new marketing strategy, but there is a universe. Only the heart to operate, to innovation, business will make achievements, do color.

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