Enlightenment holding and Yunnan University to create public space

public record space turned out to make the young entrepreneurs have a training, exchange and cooperation platform, now the public record space has been gradually developed, full implementation of the innovation enterprise incubator and support.

The combination of

is currently the only company in Yunnan province enterprise co founded the public record space, and the combination of inspiration holdings cloud is combined with industrial advantages and intellectual advantages, will also open up the channels, learning and research. As a professional science and technology park operators, inspiration for the park project and the team to provide adequate financial support, comprehensive consulting services and efficient tracking help. Enlightenment Holdings has successfully constructing a national radiation science and Technology Park as the carrier of the innovation system, the radiation network covering more than and 30 city and area, can give full play to its capital, information, network and other advantages, to support students’ entrepreneurship.

as the intellectual output of the Yunnan University, will give full play to its strong scientific research strength. Yun existing national, provincial key disciplines, provincial characteristic group of key disciplines in 58, has all kinds of scientific research platform 48, has formed a national ministries and research institutions, ministries and agencies – gradient grade level is reasonable, and has a certain professional coverage of the system, at all levels of scientific research subjects platform brings together the research staff of 918 people that can provide impetus to the development of the Everfount a space for the sustainable development of cloud technology park and the enlightenment enlightenment.

full support for entrepreneurial inspiration

low cost

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