2016 Tencent nternet plus entrepreneurship contest Beijing division

Internet plus entrepreneurship has become the whole society in recent years, many people successfully embarked on such a market, opened his own entrepreneurial path. In order to encourage the majority of entrepreneurs, the competition will be held. While the 2016 Tencent Internet plus entrepreneurship contest Beijing Division will officially start today.

today, 2016 Tencent Internet plus entrepreneurship competition Beijing division in Zhongguancun officially start the business street. Every day is cast as the official partner of the Tencent entrepreneurship contest Beijing and Tianjin, and Tencent, representatives from different areas of social innovation trend, select 40 subversive innovative thinking, commercial value and social value both in an angel round to A round of financing venture into the Tencent entrepreneurship competition program recording.

attended the contest review guest innovation works partner Lang Chunhui and phoenix trees, Ming potential capital founding partner Tong Weiliang Capital Partners Ceng Yingzhe, Galaxy Internet partner Mou Min, enlightenment Star Investment Director Liu Bo, Jinsha River venture VP Luo Bin, Kuehne investment vice president Luo Chuanyi, and has 10 high-quality entrepreneurial projects carried out preliminary appearance for.

investment in time, geography, and

capital founding partner of Chinese parasol tree Tong Weiliang field to share the topic "investment and timing,", which talked about the changes of the times, said it was the best of times it was the worst of times, the advent of the Internet era has changed the value transfer from 1 generation to the N.0 era, the development of contrast US internet.

and lead to investment day means has a huge space, identify market segments, to grasp the timing of entry, avoid competition, Austria refers to build the core competitiveness, relying on the unique resources, and that the unity of faith, set up perfect team team, with rich experience. Summed up their own investment in the three paragraph methodology: people and things are rich, we want to help.

looking for the next Unicorn

this contest is intended to explore Internet plus finance, business, medical, entertainment, IP content, hardware, education, VR etc. the most outstanding entrepreneurial projects and business people, let the display stage. Backed by Tencent hundred plans within 3 years, Tencent, investment value of 10 billion resources, support 100 start-ups market value of billions of dollars, allow enterprises to enter the fast lane of development.


program will decide the contest and a new generation of business leaders for outstanding projects nova, Tencent will provide 200 million of the value of business services to support its resources, to become the next Internet plus unicorn.

every day as the event of the Beijing Tianjin region partners, will provide you with quality resources, services and recommend

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