10 units in Sichuan Province the provincial small business entrepreneurship demonstration base titl


government in order to promote the development of enterprises, not only to provide a series of supportive policies, and actively take measures to encourage, to do well the enterprises to carry out the assessment that is of great significance.

reporter yesterday learned from the provincial Commission by letter, to further enhance the entrepreneurial base of small enterprises in our province the incubation and service capabilities, to promote the province’s small business innovation, and accelerate the growth of cluster development, through expert review, on-site verification and publicity, the provincial Commission by letter to grant Chengdu Kang Shun Shinco incubators and other 10 units "provincial small business entrepreneurship demonstration base.

it is reported that this is the province announced the fifth batch of small business demonstration base. The 10 companies were awarded the "provincial small business entrepreneurship demonstration base" title: Chengdu Kang Shun Shinco incubator, Chengdu open business base, small business enterprises Shenghua Park, Tianfu new generation information technology industry incubator, Mianyang biomedical incubator Park, Mianyang high tech Zone Economic Development Zone Jaeger Le Coulter Industrial Park Guangyuan District, Stone Industrial Park, Guangyuan Economic Development Zone, Sichuan Bazhong base to accelerate the innovation of new industrial park and Lushan County Industrial Concentration district enterprise small business base.

according to reports, the provincial Commission by letter business promotion department according to the requirements of the demonstration base in the existing basis, and constantly improve the business infrastructure, service innovation and operation mode, improve services, enhance service capabilities; gather social service resources, open channels of information, and continuously meet the needs of Small and micro businesses of entrepreneurship and innovation.

it is understood that the provincial Commission by letter will entrust the third party agencies to "provincial small business entrepreneurship demonstration base for regular evaluation, and the implementation of dynamic management of the demonstration base, a review every two years, the review failed to withdraw its provincial demonstration base title.


units in Sichuan Province won the "provincial small business entrepreneurship demonstration base, which will further promote the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises in the service capabilities, to better promote the development of local enterprises and the economic development of Sichuan province.

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