Good entrepreneurial projects up to 100 million support

good business projects have high quality of entrepreneurship, met a good entrepreneurial projects, the policy is need to give more support, therefore, in Chongqing entrepreneurship competition, maximum 100 million support, with this awesome encouragement, I believe there will be many technology start-ups in response.

"good entrepreneurial project participants, maximum 100 million yuan of funds to support." Yesterday, sponsored by the Chinese Investment Association’s "2016 Chongqing Internet industry conference and the sixteenth Chinese all project · listed dream show" activities in Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center, the good entrepreneurial projects to support.

is the Chongqing division preliminaries link 2017 Beijing nest one hundred thousand entrepreneurs "listed dream show" finals. Nearly one hundred projects from all over the country to participate in the project roadshow, the winner will have the opportunity to win 1 million -1 billion yuan of industrial fund investment.

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