Handmade Soap ten brands list

soap products in the current market is becoming more and more popular, it is precisely because of such a demand on the market, will make the brand more and more, resulting in a lot of people want to buy soap, but do not know what kind of brand choice. So, with a small series of handmade soap introduced the top ten brands, and now if you want to choose, you will choose which brand?

handmade soap ten brand list: DHC DHC NO.1, founded in 1972 in Japan, a comprehensive enterprise cross cosmetics, medical care, translation, beauty salon, spa area, Shanghai DHC Business Co. ltd..

handmade soap ten brand list: Clinique Clinique NO.2, founded in 1968, the United States, one of the largest cosmetics and perfume company, the world’s top cosmetics brand, Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., ltd..

handmade soap ten brand list: L’OCCITANE L’OCCITANE NO.3, founded in 1976 in France, large multinational companies, high-end brand cosmetics industry, the world famous brand, Plo Vance O Shug Dan Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

soap ten brands list NO.4, aromatic program BF Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy industry famous brand, for full-time therapists to provide products and services, a member of aromatherapy trade association, Base Formula ltd..

soap ten brands list NO.5, mysterious Camilla: forty years of history of the soap brand, a wide range of global brand selling handmade soap, handmade soap ten brands, Heilongjiang Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co. ltd..

handmade soap ten brands list NO.6, Kose KOSE: founded in 1946 in Japan, the world’s first research and development of cosmetic liquid cosmetics enterprises, one of the top cosmetics companies in Japan, Kose Cosmetics Co., ltd..

soap ten brands list NO.7, Sulwhasoo: founded in South Korea, the world famous high-end herbal skin care brand, one of Korea’s largest cosmetics company, top brands, amore Pacific Trading Co. ltd..

handmade soap ten brands list NO.8, Herborist Herborist: Shanghai Jahwa Joint Stock Company’s Chinese herbal medicine in high-end personal care brand, the industry famous brand, Shanghai Herborist Cosmetics Co., ltd..

handmade soap ten brands list NO.9, THE FACE SHOP: from South Korea’s natural skin care makeup brand, the world’s leading pure natural plant high-end cosmetics brand, the Philippines Poetry

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