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sells fruit, but selling fruit can be a great success, which many people do not expect. The 80 guy Wang Wei retired from the army, began in Shijiazhuang and several comrades independent small business start-up fruit supermarket, only more than a year to 11 stores and 1 Taobao stores, kiss fresh orchards in Shijiazhuang fruit market has been a minor celebrity.

veterans guy selling fruit

2002, just over 18 years old Shandong guy Wang Wei became our infantry recruits. 10 years later, he retired from the Civil Affairs Bureau to arrange the idle work, in Shijiazhuang, the hometown of Wang Yaoxing began his and Terry Chui, several comrades in partnership with the road of entrepreneurship in the second.

after a period of study, Wang Wei and his colleagues found that as people fruit daily required, not only on the market of local fruits and imported fruits and dragons and fishes jumbled together Quejinduanliang phenomenon is very common. Their eyes on the fruit business, determined to do fruit supermarket.

2013 in April 30th, the first kiss of fresh fruit shop business. However, easier said than done. "At first, I only know that the fruit should be stored in cold storage, but I don’t know how to store it. We have apples and peaches together at that time, did not think of each other two kinds of fruit ripening, overnight three hundred or four hundred pounds of apples and peaches all rot.." Wang Wei told reporters that the first store opened only a month, fruit decay rate of nearly 20%, a loss of about ten thousand yuan.

did not break up the difficulty of the fruit industry, such as the new team. In order to study fruit storage, responsible for the procurement of fruit Terry Chui everywhere to ask for advice, as long as I heard who understand the fruit store, he will come to ask, fruit, fruit, fruit experts are university teachers, ask him the object. Terry Chui said that he had a time to see the roadside fruit stalls will be forced to ask a few words. Terry Chui also at their own expense to all over the country to participate in a variety of industry training, listen to expert analysis of fruit. A year, only the training fee spent about 200000 yuan, notes the Big Ben in the big 5.

Wang Wei revealed that the opening of the opening of a fresh flower orchard nearly a year’s time has been in a state of profitability, but their team never thought of giving up. We are soldiers, the identity of the military does not allow us to give up easily."

aimed at online shopping fruit city delivery

saw in the orchard of Sichuan kiss fresh shop, kiwi, Xinjiang jujube, litchi, Guangdong and Guangxi from pitaya to apple of Shaanxi, from Thailand to the United States durian mangosteen…… Local, foreign and even imported seasonal fruit everything. Banana 3 9 wool 8 pound, 8 pound 9 durian, mangosteen 8 8 pound amiable and easy of approach of commendation

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