Take candy please change top practices Business

do retail business, the daily intake of pocket money is very much, it will inevitably make some shops feel not enough, so, some shopkeepers will think of a method, which is to take the candy top pocket money. I found in daily visits, and some retail customers because there is no change to find, they learned to take a few cents to take the candy as a substitute for customers.

even some retail shop for a long time, but also the practice as an experience to impart to others. In this case, in the suburbs of small supermarkets and rural shops appear more. Although most retail customers are not interested, but I do not know, this seemingly humble approach, in fact, is against the interests of consumers.

First of all,

, take the top candy change seems to be convenient for the store, to alleviate the problem of insufficient change, but actually pushed the problem to the consumer.

secondly, take the candy top change in silence to reduce the reputation of the store. Over time, the store’s image in the minds of consumers will be greatly reduced.

again, take the top change with the candy is a violation of the interests of illegal consumption, which is essentially a disguised form of strong buy sell". May be a lot of stores is indeed because there is no change to find, it is not necessary to take this so-called practice, but it is thought that this casual behavior has violated the law. This behavior in violation of the contract law, because consumers are not voluntary, intended to buy candy, but in the store’s reluctance, was forced to accept.

fourth, "take the candy top change" is a tort. "Consumer protection law" Tenth stipulates: "consumers enjoy the right to fair trade." However, when the store to take a change with the top candy, inadvertently deprived consumers should enjoy the right to fair trade, so that the fact of infringement.

many shopkeepers are very satisfied with their own practice, after all, money is not much, the customers will not have too much resentment. However, only a few sweets, but there are problems. Therefore, don’t underestimate "candy top change", suggested retail customers in the future business or do not take candy top change.

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