Ya Shan Qinghe delicacy good business opportunities fast food franchise

food market, sunrise industry. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the gourmet market, no doubt, is very wise, very trustworthy choice. So, to choose to join Ya Shan fast food? Open a mountain of their own fast food shop, shop is to earn!

Ya Shan use 18 hour fast, early, middle and late supper, four meals to fill the common mode of operation, fast food for breakfast and supper in the gaps in the market, make use of existing resources to create the maximum profit, R & D is committed to y standardized operation, simplify the operation process, the realization of no restaurant chef, no fixed post all is a chef, everyone is the waiter. To reduce costs and increase profits.

Ya mountain fast food? The mountain is a popular food, fast food is very cheap in Japan, its fast and convenient and delicious and healthy, favored by many Japanese, the Chinese, and the price in Japan is basically the same, Chinese price is only 1/10 of Japan, but for China Yashan fast food consumers are still not very expensive, eat a snack Yashan to spend 15-30 yuan per capita.

delicious and healthy coexistence, to choose to join Ya Shan Qinghe fast food? Open a mountain of their own fast food shop, good business to no friends! If you join the Ya Shan Qinghe fast food project, is also a very exciting. Hurry up heart!

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