How do the wine brand placement marketing

market drinks industry prospects, many consumers pay attention to the selection of wine products, high-quality wine can make people more trust, drinks a very traditional FMCG industry, and the pursuit of fashionable consumer car, mobile phone, camera and other high-tech products in comparison, is very valuable to develop implantable marketing, it is difficult to play the implementation results. So, for entrepreneurs, how to do a good job of wine brand marketing?

1, to automatic marketing, select the script

this enterprise needs exercise automatic selection of marketing script, film manufacturing company should rely on the script to automatically contact supply enterprises, product placement marketing opportunity. Otherwise, the beverage companies can only be admitted directly into the film and television works in the direct injection or patch advertising.

2, potato marketing innovation

There are a lot of domestic

3, the theme of implantable marketing

"Chinese Lang Langjiu in good out of a bandbox" after the 2009 Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival has a color, "the theme of product placement marketing" is better than film scene implants, especially in the Lantern Festival evening, CCTV deliberately Langjiu Group Chairman Wang Junlin set awards ceremony speech, the most excellent for implantable advertising can be described as langjiu.

theme is relatively large demand for implantable marketing investment, but just a good topic to the topic, can gain a larger brand or product revenue.

4, the collection of implantable marketing

Chinese billion internet users to wine business brand promotion marketing opportunity supply implantation broad, for example, to collect news topics, the classic forum posts reply, blog marketing, expert comments, professional marketing research collection articles, etc., are optional time to implant marketing. In fact, the Langjiu "subject placement marketing" is also a plant in advertising.

At the time of the

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