The old customers also need our warm treat

It’s not easy for

to train a potential customer into an old customer, and the shop owner has spent a lot of time. However, once the customer has become an old customer, a lot of people will look down a lot. There are many retailers think, some customers have become fixed customers themselves, so in the retail business will appear in service discount phenomenon, consequence is let old customers feel lost, and then out of our sight.

for a while, I used to go to a barber’s shop to get a haircut. At the beginning, I think he is not bad, the barber is very serious, I am also very satisfied with the type. So, I will do a year card, that is, each card can be produced, the cost of a sexual intercourse. However, after a while, I found that the barber is not so enthusiastic about me, it can be understood. The most unacceptable is that his technical standards are also in decline. Why is this? I don’t understand it. He could have been a technology, but now I’m not satisfied.

turned out to be a serious result. It made me so angry that I didn’t get there for a year. From then on, I never went to his barbershop. The barber really puzzled, he thought that I do a year card, you can not seriously, I think I will go to him, this is how wrong idea ah. In the end, he lost my client. There are a lot of customers like me. Therefore, whether it is the old customers, or new customers, should be seriously respected.

had this experience, I think of their own retail. I also have a lot of old customers, for these old customers, I always feel that they are their own shake Qian Shu, they must not have the slightest bit of slack and negligence. It is necessary to treat these new customers with a sense of warmth, as well as a sense of respect, rather than to think that they will come here, so they are not serious about it.

this is a very bad practice, the old customers should be subject to special treatment, how can they not serious? Therefore, I always treat the old customers seriously. The response of the old customers is very good, they said: "I have a sense of security here, there is a home feeling!" So, my old customers more and more.

is the beginning of our old customers to win over, but if we ignore the late service, will also lose such an old customer. In fact, the retail business and the barber is in the same way, no matter how busy, we should really work, not in order to attract customers, put their work is not careful, this is very bad. Therefore, we must care about the old customers, don’t let them chill, so that their business will be getting better and better.

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