A bag of salt to bring new weather shop business

now retail stores because of the fierce competition, the business is not good to do, and some shops will also have the location of the relocation, but also to operate a very large impact. Since my shop moved to their new home, as a stranger, and the location is not reasonable, the shop business has been very quiet, after a period of wait-and-see or to some customers, but there are a small number of passes, the reason is people to ask: "boss have salt?"

"no, because the volume is too small too feel shy here not into a long time will buy out, therefore, I," every time I embarrassing to answer, people see me. So I had to go away later will not come, I told the story to let him help her husband I come back into a box, can insist that the first husband of my body is not good, and a bag of salt will earn a dime, don’t trouble you to rest or raise children’s thought.

I have tied up to purchase, so it has been dragging, I also had to reluctantly look at new source a walked away disappointed, size as a business person often makes me feel sad and helpless. Once I really could not endure, I begged the daughter to buy me out to go buy some more salt bags, when neighbors to buy salt also have something to buy after the daughter, he said: "a five bought, you sell a bag of money."

"a piece of five, or a piece of five!" I said with a cold humor.

"what do you think?" I do not answer the second day at noon a new customer in a hurry to ask: there is no salt, I am anxious to use it, if not, I have to go outside to buy."

I was trying to get used to saying no, suddenly think of the salt to buy more quickly said: "our home to buy more, you first go to a bag with it.!" Then I quickly hand rowing wheelchair hand holding a child to get her salt, female customers took the salt looked at me hard, moved to say: "you is not easy, you also give me help, I would not want to run away to buy, thank you ah! Thank you very much!"

female neighbor who repeatedly thanked the anxious hurried away. Not two days later she came to visit my shop, and once bought five boxes in a Regency also thanked me that bag of salt. Then my family and also became regulars, whenever her guests will let me help to see the electric car, and warmly greeted, bring popularity and benefits to my shop, this makes me very happy.

daughter heard that I would be happy to help me do not seem to make money business, and each time there will always be a few bags of salt to bring back a few bags, so that the convenience of others, attracted business, do not worry about sales of less salt. This is the benefit of a bag of salt. < >

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