North Union to send warmth

recently, the North District Federation of trade unions to actively carry out warm activities for the poor workers. According to statistics, the condolences activities, recipients of up to 458 people, involving more than and 40 units, including front-line sanitation workers, difficult illness to poverty tolls workers families, workers of bankrupt enterprises, the difficulty of migrant workers, retired workers in difficulties, issued a total of 687 thousand yuan condolences.
it is reported that the North District Federation of trade unions send warm activity as to actively assist the Party committee and government to promote social construction is an important measure to improve people’s livelihood, for the district belongs to the grass-roots trade unions living condition of the difficulties workers comprehensively investigate thoroughly, grasp the specific situation to the number of workers trapped area and difficult enterprise change. At the same time, the difficulty of the basic level of labor unions in the area of the file to carry out a rigorous audit, in order to meet the conditions of helping workers to establish a detailed file difficulties, and difficult to help workers into the system.
the condolences to the activities above door home condolences and concentrated condolences, and through staff chatted field to understand the difficulties of workers suffering, solve the difficulties of workers of basic necessities of life and other practical difficulties, issuing condolences and goods for the workers in difficulties, so that the majority of workers are cut by the party and the government and trade unions care.


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