Grid one stop weaving on the eastern people happy network

"Grid, one-stop" weaving on the eastern people happy network

grid, one-stop weaving on the eastern people happy network

public opinion at any time, awareness of volunteer service, timely assistance and solve contradictions hidden bud removed immediately, in recent years, the east area of community service grid construction for the eastern people’s day across the small happiness, more comfortable, speaking of "community service grid", the jurisdiction of the masses are good.

Gezhongge small guard people life

community grid service is like a net, the eastern region’s administrative area for parts, towns, streets in the lattice, the community was divided into 29 compartments, compartments in every 50 to 100 households in the (Village) people as the scale is divided into some tablet group, frame, set up the number is not the building Party branch or unit Party group, community service extends to every household in each person. Figuratively speaking, like a "district town (do) + + community + + + affiliated party branch company property owners committee members of the residents of the corridor + +" "Internet", now, no matter who have difficulties, there are "Internet" service to solve problems, the frame can not be resolved, will be progressive up to the small lattice, lattice, Gucci, until the people’s hard feelings, things have been satisfactorily resolved.

convenience center sprung up

community grid service is also inspired by the eastern convenience, numerous inspiration to the people, so that the convenience of service centers around the region mushroomed emerge. The administrative service center of the district government put into operation this year, make people into a door, can do a hundred things "; the office of the road Bayi new residents service center trial operation, the floating population has become a new area residents have their own mother, no matter what things can get home; Xiao Zhai village level service the center was founded, the villagers at home you can do one thing, no longer have to run errands · · · · · · small commodity wholesale market administrative agency center also set up, businesses also have their own mother," small secretary".

in addition, East nearly three years to secure funding, community infrastructure invested a total of more than 4000 yuan, the purchase of new community service center 4, the purchase of new construction and renovation of community office room 12, community elderly day care center 24, greatly improving the community office services infrastructure, to meet the life the service needs of community residents. (source / Xining Evening News)



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